September 17,2019

Tickets Going FAST!

LONDON, ON, May 30, 2019 — Tickets sales for this year’s Dream Lottery are breaking records!  You want to Order Now because the lottery is going to SELL OUT EARLY!  Your Chance to WIN is only a ticket away!

ORDER NOW because there’s so much to WIN:

  • 3,756 Winners in the Bonus Draws…You WIN, You CHOOSE – 1 Winner of a Vacation OR CASH, 5 Winners of a Shopping Spree OR CASH, PLUS 3,750 Winners will receive a FREE TICKET!
  • 100 Winners in the Early Bird Draws…1 Winner of Vacation OR CASH, PLUS 99 Winners of CASH…CASH…and MORE CASH!
  • 4 Winners of a $25,000 Room Upgrade…You WIN, You CHOOSE – Backyard Oasis, Bathroom, Theatre Room, Games Room OR $20,000 CASH!
  • Vehicles, Vacation and MORE!
  • PLUS – The Ultimate Grand Prize… 1 of 3 Dream Homes or $1,000,000 CASH!

PLUS did you know that Dream currently has the LARGEST 50/50 JACKPOT in ONTARIO at ALMOST $1 MILLION with the winner walking away with half!

ATTENTION:  The Travel & Treasure Calendar is over 99% SOLD and only a few lucky people will still have the chance to get these tickets!  Now only available by phone – operators are standing by at 519-488-7100 or 1-866-802-4117!

Every ticket is a life-changer when you support St. Joseph’s Health Care Foundation, London Health Sciences Foundation, and Children’s Health Foundation by purchasing tickets for the Dream Lottery.

Don’t miss your chance to WIN BIG and WIN SUPPORTING PATIENT CARE!

Visit the Dream Lottery’s website to order tickets, participating Shoppers Drug Mart locations, or by phone 1-866-802-4117.

Dream Lottery Licence 10699 | 50/50 Licence 10700 | Calendar Licence 10701


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