Final winners announced in the 2017 Regina Humane Society Friends for Life Lottery

REGINA, SK, September 15, 2017 — In the 2017 Regina Humane Society Friends for Life Lottery, the animals aren’t the only ones getting a chance at a fresh start this Fall!

September 2017 will be a month to remember for Robert Wallin of Regina with ticket #0863, who was selected as the winner of the Grand Prize draw and the recipient of $10,000 cash! That’s enough dough to really make a dent in your bucket list, or fund some big life changes.

Also going home with cash in their pockets are the 13 final cash prize winners. Taking the $250 prizes are John Stavrinides of Regina (Ticket #2339), July Miller of Regina (Ticket #0230), Luis Marcil of Regina (Ticket #2676), Kayla Palmer of Regina (Ticket #3108), and Niel Halford of Fort Qu’Appelle (Ticket #0354). A little more went to Wayne McKay of Regina Beach (Ticket #0824), Brenda Foraie of Qu’Appelle (Ticket #1154), Donna Eberhardt of Regina (Ticket #2398), Barbara Fletcher of Regina (Ticket #2027), and Albert Reich of Regina (Ticket #2406) with $500 cash each. Finally, $1,000 will spice up the September shopping trips for Jim MacKenzie of Regina (Ticket #3215), Diana Senger of Regina Beach (Ticket #1403), and Deanna Hladun of Regina (Ticket #0799). 

The Grand Prize and Final Draws took place on September 14, 2017 at 4:00 pm at the Regina Humane Society. 

For more details and links to the lottery’s website, see our 2017 Regina Humane Society Friends For Life Lottery reference page

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