October 19,2018

Grand Prize and 50/50 winners named for 2017 St-Boniface Mega Million Choices Lottery

WINNIPEG, MB, April 13, 2016 — Today was a big day in the 2017 St-Boniface Mega Million Choices Lottery. At 10 AM the 50/50 winner was selected and from 11 AM to 7 PM the Grand Prize and a whole slew of amazing Rides, Travel, and more were handed out. They have announced the top two winners on their website: the Grand Prize and 50/50 winners.

The Grand Prize winner, George Bouchard of Buffalo Point, MB (Ticket #003167) now has quite the decision ahead of him. With five equally as life changing Grand Prize options to select from, it’s anyone’s guess what he will choose. Maybe it will be the Bridgwater Lakes Home package worth over $1.45 that comes complete with a custom walkout bungalow, a $50,000 Dufresne Furniture gift card, a 2017 Audi Q7 3.0 TFSI quattro Technik tiptronic (valued at $84,288), plus $20,000 cash. Or, maybe the 4 bedroom, 3.5 bathroom custom-built Hearth Home perfect for a growing family in Charleswood is more Mr. Bouchard’s style. The package also includes: $50,000 Dufresne Furniture gift card, a 2017 Audi Q7 3.0 TFSI quattro Technik tiptronic (valued at $84,288), 2017 Audi A7 Sportback 3.0 TFSI quattro Competition tiptronic (valued at $86,388), plus $300,000 cash. Or, there’s the custom bungalow in the rural community of Oak Bluff West which comes with its very own beachfront townhome (valued at $439,000) at the Watermark in Osoyoos. Or, if he prefers the warmth of the desert, maybe he will take the luxurious condo in Scottsdale, Arizona within a gated community which features a community pool and spa, fitness centre, and BBQ area (valued at $700,158.60). The package also comes with a condo that offers the natural beauty of Bridgwater Forest in Winnipeg, with parking included and key amenities such as an exercise room to provide the utmost convenience in his condo-living (valued at $322,000). Finally, the last option is $1,100,000 cold hard cash! That could buy a house, a trip around the world…the sky will almost literally be the limit!

Speaking of the limit, there also won’t be a spending one for lucky 50/50 winner Diane Dunsmore of Winnipeg, MB (Ticket #117921). The jackpot hasn’t been posted yet, but the minimum payout was a guaranteed $150,000 cash.

The complete winners list will be posted on Wednesday, April 19, 2017 on the official lottery website Winners page. We will also report on all Major Winners here on the Home Lottery News once they are available.

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