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Tickets are now available for the 2017 HSC Millionaire Lottery

WINNIPEG, MB, September 14, 2017 — Don’t sleep on this one- over $2 Million in prizes will be awarded in this year’s lottery, with four Grand Prize options including $1.1 million tax free cash! Also cars, vacations, early draw prizes, a 50/50, and cash calendar will keep the excitement rolling. See full article for details.

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2017 Tri-Hospital Dream Lottery Final Draws start July 25th

WINNIPEG, MANITOBA, July 20, 2017 — It’s almost time to see if that Tri-Hospital ticket you bought is a winner! The 50/50 and Grand Prize draws are on July 27, and the rest are on July 25. Have you decided on a Grand Prize yet? There are four amazing options, see full article for details on prizes and draw times

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Tri-Hospital VIP Bonus Winner announced

WINNIPEG, MANITOBA, June 5, 2017 — A Very Important Person has been named as the winner in the VIP draw. Will they choose the trip to Tahiti & Bora Bora, the Fijian hideaway, the cash, or a Harley-Davidson Fat Boy S? See full article for details.

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Grand Prize and 50/50 winners named for 2017 St-Boniface Mega Million Choices Lottery

WINNIPEG, MB, April 13, 2016 —  The Grand Prize and 50/50 winners in the 2017 St-Boniface Mega Million Choice Lottery have been named and wow, are they taking home some great prizes! The Grand Prize winner has not one, two, but FIVE dream prizes to choose from and the 50/50 winner will have a very full bank account to spend as they see fit. There were also vacations, cars, and more given away. Did you win? See full article for details and links.

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2017 St-Boniface Mega Million Choices Lottery Bonus Winners Chosen

WINNIPEG, MB, March 14, 2017 — Buying an early ticket sure has paid off for the five winners of the Ultimate Bonus Draw. It’s the choice between $10,000 in travel or $8,000 in cash. What would you choose? See the winners here. Tickets are still available for the Grand Prize Draw, 50/50, and Big Score Plus. See full article for details.

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