Grand Prize and 50/50 Winners announced for the 2017 Fall London Dream Lottery

LONDON, ON, January 12, 2017 — If you’ve been keeping up with all of the action for the 2017 Fall London Dream Lottery, you’ll know that tickets to this year’s edition of the lottery sold out before the Early Bird deadline of November 30, 2017. Ticket holders had to wait with bated breath until now to find out who are this year’s major winners. The Grand Prize and 50/50 winners’ names were drawn at the office of Deloitte LLP. Without further ado, here are their names!

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Having to make the tough decision between the two beautiful Grand Prize Dream Home packages worth more than $1.4 million or taking the $1 million cash is Grand Prize winner, Karen Kloibhofer from London, ON. Karen holds Ticket #: 206385, which was one of the free Bonus Tickets awarded, and won the Grand Prize thanks to that ticket- now that’s a reward for proactivity! (Source: National Post)

The 50/50 winner and $480,345 the richer is Mark Stekar from Kilworth, ON (Ticket #: 5099249.)

The following information was added after article was originally published. They have also announced the two vehicle winners! Russel Paddon of St. Thomas, ON (Ticket #: 158386) wins a Toyota C-HR or a Honda Civic or $25,000 Cash! James McCarthy of Granton, ON (Ticket #: 109375) wins a Ford Mustang or a Subaru Impreza or a Volkswagen Tiguan or $25,000 cash! 

Stay tuned for a full list of this year’s major winners, which will be posted online by Thursday, January 18, 2018, on the official lottery website, and here on our 2017 Fall London Dream Lottery Major Winners page

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