Instant Update: Loyalty Draw winners announced in the 2017 Kinsmen Lotto for the Alberta Children’s Hospital

CALGARY, AB, May 27, 2017 — The Kinsmen Lotto for the Alberta Children’s Hospital relies on its generous supporters in order to contribute to the Alberta Children’s Hospital. To thank its supporters, 8 winners walked away with $2,500 thanks to the Loyalty Draw. What will these winners do with their cool cash prize? A fun summer getaway? A much-needed shopping spree? It’s up to these 8 folks:

  • Doug Cawthorpe of Wainwright, AB (ticket #10051301)
  • Mike Coccimiglio of Coaldale, AB (ticket #20498102)
  • Louise Hamilton of Calgary, AB (ticket #20445001)
  • David Hardie of Calgary, AB (ticket #40018416)
  • Michael Judson of Calgary, AB (ticket #20024402)
  • Patrick Olmstead of Calgary, AB (ticket #40005615)
  • Cyndi Peters of Calgary, AB (ticket #40072410)
  • George Roubekas of Calgary, AB (ticket #20017502)

Tickets are still on sale! The 50/50 jackpot is currently over $400,000, meaning the winner will walk away with more than $200,000. How could you go wrong with that?

For more information and details on how to reach the lottery’s website, please read the “Ticket Information” section of our reference page.

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