Money and Memories Calendar now underway for the 2017 Fall London Dream Home Lottery

LONDON, ON, February 1, 2017 — If you purchased a Money and Memories Calendar ticket alongside your Fall London Dream Home Lottery ticket, then you could be lying on a beach before you know it! The daily draws start today, with the first winner being Rob Carton (ticket #3114754).

Visit the London Dream Lottery website to follow the daily draws

Winners will be drawn every day in February, with a $4,000 Robert Q Travel Certificate OR $3,000 cash up for grabs every weekday (excluding Fridays and special days), a $10,000 Robert Q Travel Certificate OR $8,000 cash up for grabs every Friday (excluding special days), and a $5,000 Robert Q Travel Certificate OR $4,000 cash up for grabs every Saturday or Sunday. There are also Special Days, which are worth $15,000! February 2 (Groundhog Day), February 14 (Valentines Day), February 19 (Family Day), and February 28 (No Leap Year Day) will all yield one winner of $15,000 cash. Who knew February could be so exciting? Each winner will choose one prize option; other prize options will not be awarded.

Winners will be updated daily on our 2017 Fall London Dream Home Lottery Major Winners page.

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