December 13,2018

2017 Rotary Mega Lottery Major Winners

Winners Information

Grand Prize Winner

  • Doug Wilson

Prize details: $20,000 cash

Second Prize

  • Bill Lowen

Prize details: $10,000 cash

Third Prize

  • Dan Bell

Prize details: $5,000 cash

Bonus Prize Winners

  • Derrick Silk
  • Casey Nolan
  • Dean Baumeister
  • Brendan Hunt
  • Paul Gevatkoff
  • Bruce Roberts
  • Jen Larson

Prize details: $1,000 cash

50/50 Winner

  • Mary Hopkins

Prize details: $25,860 cash

Early Bird #1 Winner

  • Becky Soucy

Prize details: $5,000 cash

Early Bird #2 Winner

  • Casey Nolan

Prize details: $5,000 cash

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