May 27,2017

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Dream Bonus Deadline Friday for the 2017 Tri-Hospital Dream Lottery

WINNIPEG, MANITOBA, May 26, 2017 — Get your name in early for extra chances to win in the 2017 Tri-Hospital Dream Lottery! Beat the Dream Bonus deadline, which is Midnight on Friday, June 2 for a choice of prizes worth up to $54,000!

Once you have your ticket, you can start daydreaming of the four Dream Bonus draw options. The first option – a Falcon Trails Resort Vacation Package – could secure you with five years of summer getaways. The package includes four weeks of cabin rental per year for five years in any Falcon Trails Resort cabin (subject to availability), valued at $54,280. Or, maybe you’d prefer a shiny new set of wheels spice up your commute; the second option is a 2017 Mercedes-Benz GLA250 (valued at $46,320) and $5,000 cash. Or, option three sends you down unda’ on a 21 Day Discover New Zealand & Australia vacation package for two adults (valued at $40,000) and $10,000 cash. Or, you could always craft your own dream scenario, with the $42,000 cash out option.

Only one prize option will be selected, the other options will not be awarded.

Order Tickets Online

Order by phone: call 204-254-4677 or toll-free: 1-844-654-4677

The Tri-Hospital lottery supports the Health Sciences Centre Foundation, The Children’s Hospital Foundation of Manitoba, and the St. Boniface Hospital Foundation.

For a reference list of prizes and details about the lottery including how to purchase tickets, check out our 2017 Tri-Hospital Dream Lottery reference page.

Lottery License No. LGA1517RF

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VIP Bonus Deadline is May 19th in the 2017 Tri-Hospital Dream Lottery

WINNIPEG, MANITOBA, May 11, 2017 — Don’t miss the $25,000 VIP Draw deadline on May 19! The winner will have the choice between four options worth up to $25,000. What would you choose: a Fijian island hideaway, an adventure to Tahiti and Bora Bora, the chance to cruise around in your own Harley, or would you take the cash and run? It’s up to you if you win, but only you must purchase your tickets before the deadline to enter.

Order by phone: call 204-254-4677 or toll-free: 1-844-654-4677

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Tri-Hospital Dream Lottery Back for Second Year

WINNIPEG, MANITOBA, May 1, 2017 — For the very second year, you can now support the Health Sciences Centre, The Children’s Hospital Foundation of Manitoba, and the St. Boniface Hospital Foundation all at once! The three hospitals have combined forces to present the 2017 Tri-Hospital Dream Lottery, offering up the biggest grand prize lottery in the province’s history valued at more than $1.5 million. There is a great line-up of prize options including trips, cars, cash, electronics, and more! When you purchase a lottery ticket, you purchase state-of-the-art equipment to treat children in need of immediate, specialized care. You also help fund research discoveries that could change the face of pediatric health care as we know it. Your support helps nurses, doctors and researchers overcome today’s most debilitating diseases and conditions. See details and direct links in the complete article.

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Your Opinion Matters – 2016 HSC Millionaire Lottery Poll

WINNIPEG, Manitoba, November 18, 2016 — With four grand prize choices in the 2016 HSC Millionaire Lottery, there is lots to think about if you win, and lots of opinions about which is the best option.

This is your chance to give your feedback about the HSC Millionaire Lottery’s grand prize choices and our news coverage of this important charitable lottery. Simply complete our short poll by following this link.

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2016 Tri-Hospital Dream Lottery Early Bonus Winners Announced

Manitoba, July 6, 2016 — The winners for the Tri-Hospital Dream Lottery VIP Bonus and Super Bonus have been announced! With the lottery drawing to a close, more and more early winners are being announced. See full article for details and links to the lottery website.

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