December 14,2018

The Ultimate Bonus Draw Deadline is coming up in the St-Boniface Mega Million Choices Lottery

WINNIPEG, MB, February 17, 2017 — You’re at the airport, passport in one hand, carry-on in the other. You can’t believe it, you’re finally going on the trip of your dreams. You’re looking at your boarding pass, what’s the destination? If you’re one of the five Ultimate Bonus winners, then you can take that trip you’ve always wanted with a $10,000 travel voucher, or you can choose the $8,000 cash option instead. 

Five winners will be selected from the pool of tickets purchased before the deadline. So if you have purchased your ticket by midnight on Friday, February 24 then you will be eligible in this draw (plus the subsequent Early Bird, and Grand Prize Draws in April).

Tickets are available for quick and easy purchase online, as well as by phone: 204-256-7203 (Toll-Free: 1-855-256-7203). 

  • Mega Million Lottery tickets: $100 each, 2-Pack for $175, 4-Pack for $300 and 8-Pack for $500
  • 50/50 tickets (minimum $150,000 payout): $15 each, 6-Pack for $30 and 20-Pack for $60
  • Big Score Plus tickets (daily giveaways in April): $20 each, 4-Pack for $40 and 8-Pack for $60

For more ticket information and to see the rest of the prizes (cars, trips, and more) see our reference page for the 2017 St-Boniface Mega Million Choices Lottery

For official information and rules see the lottery website at

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