Tickets now available for the 2017 Vancouver Opera Lotteries – Summer!

VANCOUVER, BC, July 25, 2017 — If you’re a big fan of the opera, then you’ll know that they often begin with an instrumental opening called an “overture.” If you’re a fan of the Vancouver Opera, then chances are you’re familiar with the lotteries they run to help support their organization! Well, the Summer 2017 edition of the Vancouver Opera Lotteries has just launched- you could even say we’re still in its “overture”- and Home Lottery News has got you covered with the details!

This summer, they are running a BMW Lottery, which offers the Grand Prize winner the choice between a 2017 BMW 2301 xDrive Cabriolet valued at $68,367.50 (including taxes), or a 2017 BMW 3301 xDrive Sedan valued at $65,049.75 (including taxes), or the cash-out option of $50,000! 

Only 5,000 tickets are available for the BMW Lottery, and they are also running an Early Bird draw for a shot at one of eight $1,000 cash prizes! The Early Bird draw is on September 29, with the credit card order cut-off being September 28, and cheque deadlines being a week prior to the draw. 

If you’re a fan of 50/50s – and winning up to $20,000 cash- then you’ll also want to pick up a ticket to their 50/50 raffle! Only 7,000 tickets are available and they are as low as $5 each when purchased in packs of 5 for $25. 

For more details about the lottery, including how to buy tickets, please visit the reference page for the 2017 Vancouver Opera Lotteries – Summer.

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