February 16,2019

Winners announced in the 2017/2018 Vancouver Maritime Museum Raffle

VANCOUVER, BC, February 7, 2018 — The first annual Vancouver Maritime Museum Raffle came to a close on February 1st with its Final Draws! There were 21 prizes up for grabs in the raffle, retailing at $42,770.00 total. Grab your tickets and cross your fingers, because here are all the winners…

The Grand Prize winner is Elaine C. with Ticket #05146. As the inaugural Grand prize winner, Elaine will be off on an adventure for two to the High Arctic, with One Ocean Expeditions. This unique experience prize is worth $30,900! 

Second Prize goes to Peter W. (Ticket #04248), who has won a Luxury 4-Day Fishing Trip for Two valued at $9,500! The open ocean and rustic luxury await at The King Pacific Lodge in Milbanke Sound. Third Prize was a nice $1,000 cash, which is now padding the wallet of Michael P. (Ticket #05544).

The 4th, 5th, 6th, and 7th prize winners are Alison P. (Ticket #00082), Julie H. (Ticket #04694), Helena W. (Ticket #04719), Stephen P. (Ticket #04832). They have each won a 50L Helly Hansen Duffle Bag valued at $120.00 each. Prize winners in the 8th-11th prize draws won a $100 Gift Certificate for Vancouver Maritime Museum each, and they are: Marty M. (Ticket #05146), Huy L. (Ticket #05454), Kate A. (Ticket #00102), Jonathan S. (Ticket #05566). The remaining winners in the 12th-21st prize draws each won 2 Vancouver Maritime Museum Family Passes ($70.00 value), and those winners are: Peter W. (Ticket #04416), Matthew B. (Ticket #05405), Patricia S. (Ticket #00100), Kathryn L. (Ticket #01700), Fiona M. (Ticket #05149), Gillian C. (Ticket #04969), Tim W. (Ticket #05039), Joan H. (Ticket #05475), Michael F. (Ticket #04398), Michael P. (Ticket #05543).

Visit the Vancouver Maritime Museum’s website for an official list of winners.

BC Gaming Event License #97523

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