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February 23,2017

Full House Lottery

Full House Lottery is in its 23rd year of operation supporting both the Royal Alexandra Hospital Foundation and the University Hospital Foundation.
In the previous 23 years, Full House Lottery has raised over $70 million towards the growing needs of Albertans in critical areas such as cardiac MRI technology, brain care, robotic surgery, neonatal intensive care, cardiac care, organ transplantations and advanced medical research.

This year, proceeds from Full House Lottery will support trauma and complex surgical care at the University Hospital Foundation and the Eye Institute of Alberta at the Royal Alexandra Hospital Foundation

Royal Alexandra Hospital Foundation – The Eye Institute of Alberta

Many Albertans struggle to see the world around them. Your ticket will help the Eye Institute of Alberta continue to provide the world-class care its patients deserve. Designed to serve 12,000 patients, the Eye Institute has grown incredibly over two decades, now helping more than 45,000 patients every year. Full House Lottery sales will fund an Ophthalmic Surgical Skills Centre and create a patient experience that’s second to none.

University Hospital Foundation – The Trauma Centre

One minute, life is good. The next minute, you or someone you love is fighting to survive. That’s major trauma. The University of Alberta Hospital contains Northern Alberta’s only Level One Trauma Unit. Its complex surgery teams provide life-saving care for more major trauma patients than anywhere else in Canada. Your ticket will give these world-class surgeons the advanced equipment they need to save more lives.

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