May 22,2019

2017 BC Children’s Hospital Choices Lottery Appreciation Reward deadline is Midnight on Friday!

VANCOUVER, BC, February 3, 2017 — If you appreciate the BC Children’s Hospital and all their efforts to help children in our community, then why not pick up a ticket to their 2017 Choices Lottery to show your support! There are over 3,000 prizes to be won, worth over $3.88 million in total. The first prize will be awarded in the exclusive ‘Appreciation Reward‘ draw, which will select a winner from the pool of tickets purchased before the deadline on February 10 at Midnight. The winner of this draw will have their choice between three exciting prize options worth over $39,000. Option 1 is a 2017 Nissan Leaf (perfect for the environmentally conscious drivers out there), Option 2 – two $12,000 Luxury Trips plus $6,000 cash, and option 3 – a lump sum cash payment of $27,000.

As for what else you could win with your ticket…well, for starters there are seven Grand Prize options including $2.2 million cash, two more Early Bonus deadlines, and an Early Bird prize of your choice of vacations for life, a condo, or $250,000 in cash. Cars, vacations, and thousands of other prizes round out the offerings in the main lottery. Tag on the 50/50 lottery, with a jackpot that can grow up to $2.2 million according to the lottery’s website.  There’s also the “Big Score Plus” lottery, with 30 days of winners.

Choices Lottery tickets are sold in packs of three for $100, or grab six, nine, or 20 for an even better deal. 50/50 tickets are sold at two for $15, six for $30, or 16 for $60. Cash Calendar tickets are $20 each or grab 3 for $40.

Be one of the earliest buyers and get in for a chance to win all the prizes available!

Order tickets online, or you can call toll-free (888) 887-8771 to order by phone.

See reference information here on Home Lottery News for the 2017 BC Children’s Hospital Choices Lottery.

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