3 Days Left to Win a Super Bonus!

WINNIPEG, Manitoba, Tuesday, October 12, 2021 — Time is running out to get your tickets for this fall’s biggest home lottery!

The Super Bonus Deadline is Midnight, this Friday (October 15) and, with your tickets, you’ll be automatically entered to win one of five prize options: a 2021 Honda Passport, a 2021 Toyota 4Runner, a Dufresne furniture/appliance credit and cash, a CWT Vacations travel voucher and cash, or $45,000 tax-free cash.

This year’s biggest Super Bonus prize option is worth over $53,000. You win, you choose!

UPDATE: The 2021 HSC Millionaire Lottery almost 85% sold out. Hurry! Time and tickets are running out.

There’s so much to win this year:

  • Grand Prize Draw: Win and choose 1 of 6 amazing prize options, including home packages in Sage Creek (by Maric Homes or Gino’s Homes) or Oak Bluff (by Sterling Homes). Or, choose a two-home package featuring a Winnipeg condo at The Rise in Bridgwater Centre (by StreetSide) and an Okanagan beachfront townhome in Osoyoos (at Watermark Beach Resort) – or a two-home package on Vancouver Island, with Ocean Cottage Suites at SookePoint. Or, become an instant millionaire with $1.2 million cash!
  • 26 Early Bird Draws: Two Teslas? An Airstream and a Toyota Tacoma? A Porsche 911? Or, $150,000? Your Early Bird is up to you! This year’s biggest winner will choose one of four Early Bird options (the largest worth $195,000), and 25 Early Bird Extra winners will each receive $1,000 cash.
  • Get your tickets for the Extra Cash PLUS – 124 winners, $144,000 in prizes – and the 50/50PLUS to win even more! The 50/50 jackpot is already over $1,025,100 million, and the winner takes half.

50/50 and Extra Cash PLUS tickets both start at just 2 for $20 (and must be ordered in conjunction with your HSC Millionaire Lottery main lottery tickets).


We All Need HSC… and HSC Needs You

Your ticket purchases help Health Sciences Centre (HSC) Foundation provide the best possible care for patients, and make technological advances that turn dreams into reality.

The Health Sciences Centre is Manitoba’s hospital with specialized support for trauma, neurosurgery, burns, transplants, and psychiatric health. HSC Foundation supporters like you improve the care and facilities at HSC for patients and their loved ones from Manitoba and beyond.

Thanks to remarkable support from the community, the Foundation has a tremendous impact on patient care in our province and makes a profound difference in the lives of many people.

Your support leads to improved patient care, innovative research initiatives, new state-of-the-art facilities, cutting-edge technology, and training opportunities for our health care staff.

The support the Foundation receives from lottery purchasers like you helps make life better for the patients and families who visit HSC every day.


Order online at HSC Millionaire Lottery

By Phone: 204-253-5688
Toll-Free: 1-855-999-5688

Tickets are available to purchase in-person at London Drugs at St. Vital Centre, Red River Co-op Food Stores in Grant Park, Southdale, and St. Vital, Main Street Co-op Pharmacy, and most Shoppers Drug Mart locations in Winnipeg, plus Shoppers Drug Mart in Selkirk and Portage la Prairie.

Tickets cost 1 for $100 / 2 for $175 / 4 for $300 / 8 for $500 (SOLD OUT)

  • 50/50 PLUS tickets are 2 for $20 / 8 for $40 / 30 for $60
  • Extra Cash PLUS tickets are 2 for $20 / 5 for $40 / 10 for $60

50/50 PLUS® and Extra Cash PLUS tickets can only be ordered with your 2021 HSC Millionaire Lottery main ticket(s) on the same transaction.

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