Absolute Final Deadline Next Week for 2017 Hometown Heroes Lottery

2017 Hometown Heroes Lottery

VANCOUVER, BC, July 6 — There’s only one week left before the absolute final deadline in the 2017 Hometown Heroes Lottery!  Don’t miss out on getting the hottest tickets in town, with six Grand Prize options including your choice of gorgeous homes or $2.1 million in cash, and a 50/50 Plus™ with a current jackpot over $1,400,000 and still growing!

Tickets in the Heroes Lottery are available for 3 for $75, 6 for $100, or 20 for $275. 50/50 Plus™ tickets are 2 for $15, 6 for $30, or 20 for $60. Daily Cash Plus™ tickets are $20 each or 3 for $40.

Tickets can be ordered online, by mail/fax, in-person at the prize homes, London Drugs, or VGH Hospital, or by phone: 604-648-4376 or toll-free 1-866-597-4376.

Order online or call toll-free 1-866-597-4376 from anywhere in BC and get your tickets today! Or buy in person at any London Drugs in BC, or VGH Hospital.

The winner will choose one prize option; other prize options will not be awarded.

The Absolute Final Deadline is Midnight, Thursday, July 13, 2017.

For a reference list of prizes and details about the lottery including how to purchase tickets, check out our 2017 Hometown Heroes Lottery reference page.

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