Appreciation Reward Deadline is TONIGHT for the 2017 BC Children’s Hospital Dream Lottery

VANCOUVER, BC, August 17, 2017 — There are over 3,100 prizes to be awarded in this year’s BC Children’s Hospital Dream Lottery, and the first chance to snag one is coming up in the Appreciation Draw! The Appreciation Draw is on September 22, and will award the winner with the choice between a 2017 Honda SUV HR-V 4WD OR choose $24,000 vacation/travel gift card + $6,000 cash OR choose $26,000 cash.

So if travel, cash, or four-wheeled adventures are for you, then buy your ticket before midnight tonight, Thursday, August 17, to be eligible in the Appreciation Reward Draw!

When you’re buying your ticket, you can also take part in the 50/50, with a jackpot that can grow over $2.2 Million (winner takes half) and the travel calendar which offers its players an additional 91 days of winning!

For more information on the lottery, and to find out how to purchase tickets, visit the “Ticket Information” section of our 2017 BC Children’s Dream Lottery reference page.

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