February 16,2019

Bonus draw winner announced in the 2017 Caritas Dream Life Lottery

EDMONTON, AB, September 21, 2017 — If you bought a ticket to the 2017 Caritas Dream Life Lottery before midnight on August 31, 2017 then you were eligible in the Bonus Draw on September 21. 

If your ticket number is #20109501, then not only were you eligible, but you WON the Bonus Draw. The ticket belongs to George Haw of Seba Beach, and he has won a Private Jet Getaway to California worth $50,000! There are a few choices left for him to make: which five companions will join him on this getaway, and will the destination be Napa for the bed and breakfast complete with poolside hangs, glasses of local vino, and tours of the surrounding Napa Sonoma wine country? Or is a 5-star hotel in Los Angeles more his scene, with an SUV tour of the star-studded neighbourhood, Santa Monica Pier and the Venice Beach Boardwalk? Whichever he chooses, his round-trip travel will be from Edmonton by private jet, and he’ll have $5,000 cash thrown on top for some extra fun.

Next up is the Early Bird deadline at midnight on September 28, 2017. Don’t miss your chance to win a 2017 Alfa Romeo 4C Spider, a trip to Rome or London, and $25,000 cash. 

You can also buy into the 12 Days of Caritas cash calendar for a shot at $20,000 daily from December 13 – 24! Then there’s also the 50/50, whose winner is guaranteed a minimum $200,000 cash payout.

For more information about the 2017 Caritas Dream Life Lottery, including how to buy tickets, please visit the “ticket information” section of our reference page.

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