Winners announced in the 2017 BUH Foundation’s $100,000 Cash Lottery

NORTH BATTLEFORD, SK, November 10, 2017 — Today marks the final draws for the 2017 BUH Foundation’s $100,000 Cash Lottery and also the beginning of some people’s road to riches. 

$100,000 can buy a lot of things. A boat, a car, a dream vacation for you and the family, at least 15,000 fancy coffees… the possibilities are endless. For Diana Griffiths from Battleford (Ticket #11987), those possibilities became a reality when they were crowned the Grand Prize winner, taking home $100,000 cash!

Walking away with half of the 50/50 jackpot is Allan Craig from St. Walburg (Ticket # 25080).

23 people also became $1,000 richer as the “Consolation Prize” winners, now all being able to go on that shopping spree they deserve, a weekend getaway, or pay off that pesky credit card bill. These winners are listed on our 2017 BUH Foundation’s $100,000 Cash Lottery Major Winners page.

For more information about the lottery and a full list of prizes, please see our reference page on the 2017 BUH Foundation $100,000 lottery.

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