October 21,2019

Grand Prize Winner announced in the 2017 Caritas Dream Life Lottery

EDMONTON, AB, November 10, 2017 — Ahead of the pack, the Grand Prize winner has been named in this year’s Caritas Dream Life Lottery!

Who is this winner, you ask? The Grand Prize winner goes by the name of Judy Spilak of Slave Lake (Ticket # 20327502). Now getting to call Cameron Heights Point Northwest home, Judy is surely getting ready to move into her new $2 million home now. 

Stay tuned for the full list of winners, coming November 14. A searchable list will be available on the lottery’s website, as well as a list of Major Winners will be available here on our Major Winners page for the 2017 Caritas Dream Life Lottery.

The 12 Days of Caritas draws begin on December 13th, and $20,000 will be given away every day until December 24th. These winners will be announced when they are available.

For all major winners from this year’s lottery, visit our 2017 Caritas Dream Life Lottery Winners page.

For a full list of prizes, details on this year’s lottery, and to reach the official lottery website, please see our 2017 Caritas Dream Life Lottery reference page.

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