Daily cash draws are now complete for the 2017 Hometown Heroes Lottery

VANCOUVER, BC, November 22, 2017 — November means Raincouver is here in all her glory, but the 2017 Hometown Heroes Lottery has been making it rain since August 12 with their daily cash draws! The draws concluded on November 20th, with the final draw for $50,000 cash being awarded B. Walsh from Whistler, BC (Ticket #1117226).

The daily cash draws ran from August 12 to November 19, with two winners selected each day. Friday winners received $2,500 each and other weekday winners received $1,000 each. If you purchased a Daily Cash Plus ticket then you were eligible for all these draws. The final week of winners are listed below:

  • November 12: R. Ward, Surrey, BC (Ticket #2134879) and H. Zarrabi Tabrizi, Langley, BC, (Ticket #2104850) – $1,000 Cash each
  • November 13: I. Lae, Burnaby, BC (Ticket #2119482) and F. Wang, Vancouver, BC (Ticket #2143152) – $1,000 Cash each
  • November 14: L. Osborne, New Westminster, BC (Ticket #1111295) and D. Collins, Langley, BC (Ticket #2109606) – $1,000 Cash each
  • November 15: D. Friesen of Delta, BC (Ticket #1114775) and C. Courtemanche of Summerland, BC (Ticket #1114473) – $1,000 Cash Each
  • November 16: M. Novokowski, Kelowna, BC (Ticket #2110951) and R. Cross, Victoria, BC (Ticket #2127734) – $1,000 Cash Each
  • November 17: I. Peterson, Port Alberni, BC (Ticket #1115995) and D. Smith, Maple Ridge, BC (Ticket #1119105) – $2,500 Cash Each
  • November 18: C. Forgie, Maple Ridge, BC (Ticket #2116035) and G. Burton, New Westminster, BC (Ticket #1118109) – $1,000 Cash Each
  • November 19: C. Ballard, Coquitlam, BC (Ticket #2149189) and D. Klyne, Langley, BC (Ticket #2120285) – $1,000 Cash Each

This concludes the 2017 Hometown Heroes Lottery. To browse all the daily winners and other major winners from the lottery, visit the 2017 Hometown Heroes Lottery Major Prize Winners page.

See reference information here on Home Lottery News on our 2017 Hometown Heroes Lottery page.

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