Final Winners for the 2017 YLotto have been announced

SYDNEY, NS, November 30, 2017 — We’ve got some winners to report, fresh off the press from the 2017 YLotto final draws which took place this week. If you are holding a ticket, then hold on tight because it could be your key to one of their awesome final prizes!

First up is the Grand Prize winner, which is a title now shared between Peter and Eileen Walsh of North Sydney with their Ticket #627. They’ve got a nice addition to their bank account coming soon, $100,000 to be exact!

We sure hope Christopher Macdonald of Sydney (Ticket #1669) likes that new car smell because he’s going to be getting a lot of it as the Second Prize winner in his new 2017 Ford Escape. The 50/50 winner, Leslie Shepard of Albert Bridge (Ticket #1489), walks away with $79,800 which could also mean a new car for them if they wanted!

If Martin Chernin of Sydney (who held ticket #171) has been dreaming of escaping the cold and jetting off to somewhere warm, then he’s in luck. As the Dream Vacation Draw winner, he’s now the proud owner of a $5,000 travel voucher from Cape Breton Travel Associates for Flight Centre. Where will he go? Jeanette Carey from Sydney (Ticket #1699) will also have the chance to jet off as the winner of a Trip For 2 Anywhere WestJet Flies. When the warmer weather comes around, we know that will bring plenty of backyard BBQs and entertaining for Philip Sheppard from Sydney (Ticket #2578), who has won a Gazebo & Webber BBQ.

There are also some big cash winners. Walking away with $10,000 is Angus MacNeil of Glace Bay (Ticket #398), and Kenneth MacNeil of Sydney (Ticket #1674) struts away with $5,000. $1,000 richer are:

  • Alyssha Ferguson of Sydney (Ticket #2369)
  • Coady Slaunwhite of Sydney (Ticket #2115)
  • Keith & Aggie Macmillan of Sydney (Ticket #2423)
  • Kimberly Anne Courtney of Glace Bay (Ticket #2463)
  • Donnie Marsh of Sydney (Ticket #968)

Proceeds from the ticket sales help to support the YMCA Opportunity Fund. 

See our 2017 YLotto Major Winners page for a list of all the major winners from this year’s lottery. For a complete list of winners, please visit the official lottery website winners page

For a detailed list of prizes and information about the lottery, check out our 2017 YLotto reference page.

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