Will You Be Tonight's Winner?
There are over 70,000 reasons to enter!

Ontario, April 16, 2020 — Will it be *you* winning tonight’s draw? This is just a reminder that you have only hours left to enter before tonight’s 6 pm deadline. 

SickKids Catch the Ace is really taking off, with the Weekly Prize and Progressive Jackpot double what they were just a couple of weeks ago. This is Week 12, and with 11 weeks already gone by, the chance that you could Catch the Ace keeps getting better.

Will it be you? Will you be the lucky one to choose the right envelope and find the Ace of Spades? Visit to buy tickets for your chance to Catch the Ace and WIN BIG

The Progressive Jackpot is already over $60,000 and growing! And right now, as we write this, the Weekly Prize is over $8,000. Find the Ace of Spades and you win both – more than $70,000!

Feel good knowing that 50% of all ticket sales go to SickKids.

Check out the list of winners that we at the Home Lottery News maintain for our subscribers’ ease of reference.

Tickets start at only $10, and can only be purchased online – no phone or mail orders. 

The clock is ticking. Don’t delay.

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