Instant Update: 2017 Better Hearing for Life Lottery 50/50 jackpot has passed the $100,000 mark

MOUNT PEARL, NL, April 19, 2017 — If the 50/50 draw was held today in the 2017 Better Hearing for Life Lottery, and your name was selected, you’d walk away with a pretty great jackpot already. Currently, the pot is sitting at $102,940 which means a lucky winner today would get $51,470 in cold, hard cash. But the draw isn’t today which means the pot is just going to keep growing and growing. Last year it went all the way up to $239,000! The jackpot will cap out at $1,200,000 meaning a winner could potentially take home $600,000! What would you do with that kind of cash?

Ticket sales for the 50/50 draw end June 18th with the draw taking place on June 28th. 50/50 tickets must be purchased online or by phone at the time of the initial ticket purchase. Each ticket has a maximum of up to five 50/50 chances per ticket (150,000 chances). Main lottery tickets are $25 each.

Looking to up your chances to win? When you buy your main lottery tickets now, you’ll also be eligible for the Mother’s Day draw on May 31st, and the Father’s Day and Final Draw on June 28th. All draws will take place at the NTV Studios.

For more details on all the amazing prizes to be won in the 2017  Better Hearing for Life Lottery, please visit the official lottery website or the reference page here on Home Lottery News.

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