May 27,2020

Last Chance! Ultimate Bonus Deadline Midnight Tonight

WINNIPEG, MB, February 15, 2018 — This is your last chance to get in to win the $61,000 Ultimate Bonus prize! Order your Mega Million Choices Lottery tickets today for an incredible choice of prizes — a 2018 Ford Mustang GT Premium Convertible or Volkswagen SUV Atlas, or vacations and tickets to the 2019 Super Bowl in Atlanta and 5 days in Italy, or $50,000 tax-free cash. Plus, when you order, you’re automatically entered into all other draws, including the $230,000 Early Bird and $1.44 million Grand Prize draws, too! And remember the 50/50 Plus™, with a jackpot almost $650,000! Winner takes half!

Visit the St-Boniface Mega Million Choices Lottery website for prize details. Ultimate Bonus deadline midnight Thursday, February 15.
Order online or by phone at 204-256-7203 (Toll-Free: 1-855-256-7203).

LGA 1517-RF-27520, LGA 1517-RF-27521, LGA 1517-RF-27522

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