Last Weekend to Win a Christmas Bonus!

VANCOUVER, BC, Friday, November 27, 2020 — Not only is this your last weekend to get in to win a $40,000 Christmas Bonus Drawit might be the absolute final weekend to get your 2020 VGH Millionaire Lottery tickets!

Tickets are OVER 93% SOLD and this year’s lottery will sell out early – perhaps next week. And, the final bonus deadline is Midnight, next Friday, December 4. Win 1 of 3 Christmas Bonuses, and start the New Year in style!

  • Choose a $35,000 gift card from CWT Vacations (plus $5,000 cash)
  • Or, choose a 2020 Honda Accord Hybrid
  • Or, take $33,000 cash

(Christmas Bonus Draw Date: January 15, 2021)

Just imagine the shopping spree you could go on! Make it a holly jolly Christmas with VGH’s biggest bonus draw of the year.

And, if you get your tickets in time, you’ll also be automatically entered into 76 Early Bird Draws – with $240,000 in prizes to win, including a Luxury PleasureWay Travel Van, a Private Jet Experience, or $100,000 cash – and the Grand Prize Draw. Live like a multi-Millionaire in your dream home, or take $2,700,000 CASH.

It only takes a couple minutes to get your tickets – and a win could last a lifetime.

And, don’t forget to get your Daily Cash PLUS or your 50/50 PLUS tickets…

The jackpot is already over $1,620,800 – and the winner takes half!

We can all win… together.

We all need VGH, and VGH needs you. Support life-saving care at British Columbia’s largest hospital, and help our doctors and nurses, frontline workers, and first responders – and all the patients who visit VGH every day.

Your Millionaire Lottery tickets support specialized adult health care and research in Vancouver, at Vancouver General Hospital, UBC Hospital and GF Strong Rehab Centre.

Every year, VGH performs more than 30,000 surgeries and treats more than 600,000 patient visits. VGH treats 60% of British Columbia’s adult trauma cases – and 50% of the hospital’s surgical patients are from outside Vancouver. And, our health care heroes are fighting COVID-19 at VGH.

Transforming health care. Saving lives.


Order online at

By Phone: (604) 602-5848
Toll-Free: 1-888-445-5825

Tickets are also available for purchase in-person at London Drugs throughout British Columbia.

Tickets cost 2 for $100 / 5 for $175 / 10 for $250 / 25 for $500

  • 50/50 PLUS tickets are 2 for $15 / 6 for $30 / 16 for $60
  • Daily Cash PLUS tickets are 2 for $25 / 6 for $50

50/50 PLUS and Daily Cash PLUS tickets can only be purchased if a 2020 VGH Millionaire Lottery main ticket has been purchased.

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