October 17,2019

Loyalty Draw winners announced for the 2018 STARS Lottery Alberta

CALGARY, AB, January 30, 2018 — The first winners in the 2018 STARS Lottery Alberta have been named! The Loyalty Draw took place on January 26, at 3950 12th Street NE, Calgary, selected from the pool of tickets purchased before the January 10th deadline. There were 33 cash prizes up for grabs, let’s see who won.

Visit the STARS Lottery website to order tickets or see all the prizes.

The $100,000 cash prize was awarded to Benjamin Yong of Calgary (Ticket #21786303). Just think of the possibilities with that kind of windfall! The second prize was $10,000 cash and this went home with France Micku of Edmonton (Ticket #10321601). Taking the third prize of $5,000 cash is
Dianne Roestel from Calgary (Ticket #21969302), who has some shopping to do! There were ten winners of $1,000 cash each and those were: 

  • (Ticket #21814402) Gerald Bailey of Innisfail
  • (Ticket #40440915) Derek Beach of Taber
  • (Ticket #41009111) Richard Cadrin of Glendon
  • (Ticket #40958416) Michelle Chabot of Leduc
  • (Ticket #33344104) Rick Dowdell of Calgary
  • (Ticket #31603701) Bernie Kronlund of Edmonton
  • (Ticket #30419403) Bruce Peel of Lethbridge
  • (Ticket #30751304) Allen/Dianne Starko of Fort Saskatchewan
  • (Ticket #30016003) Sobia Warraich of Calgary
  • (Ticket #40135907) Pat Williamson of Hythe

Plus, 20 winners won $500 cash each, and those can be found on the lottery website.

The next draw is the Early Bird, for a $350,000 cash prize! The deadline to enter is midnight on February 28 so mark your calendar!
For a full list of prizes, information on how to purchase tickets, and official lottery information, please see our 2018 STARS Lottery Alberta reference page.

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