May 27,2018

2018 Vancouver Opera Lotteries News Stream

Early Bird Draw this Thursday - Win one of ten $1,000 cash prizes!

Now is the time to order: Less than 3,000 tickets sold so far!

It’s almost time to win! This Thursday the Vancouver Opera Lottery will be drawing ten lucky tickets in their early bird draws – ten chances to win one thousand dollars!

Tickets in the Jaguar Lottery are only $40 each, and you get an even better deal by purchasing 3 for $99, 7 for $196, or 11 for $297. Eight of the early bird cash prizes are in this lottery.

Tickets in our Harley Lottery are only $20 each, or purchase a package of 3 for $48, 7 for $98, or 15 for $195.  Two of the early bird prizes are in this lottery.

Pick up tickets in our 50/50 raffle too. Tickets are only $10 each or get a 5-pack for $25. All Grand Prize and 50/50 draws will be held on June 27, 2018 at 1:00pm. Your lottery ticket purchase helps fund Vancouver Opera’s education programs. Buy your tickets now to help make a difference in the community and everyone’s a winner!

Or order by phone 604.682.2871, option 2

Early bird deadline 3:00 pm on May 17, 2018

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