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Complete winners list now available for Millionaire Lottery

VANCOUVER, BC, February 15, 2016 — The winners of the 2015 Millionaire Lottery were made public recently, and a searchable list was made available on the Millionaire Lottery website.

Winning their choice from seven Grand Prize options is J Schroder, of Parksville, with ticket #3208718. The winner of the 50/50 Plus™ jackpot and taking home a cash prize of $873,600, is M Wagner of Surrey, with ticket #6689053. Finally, winning the Early Bird prize is M Kierszenblat, of  Vancouver, with ticket #3814327. Click through to the complete article for a quick link to the Millionaire Lottery winner’s page.

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Final Draws for the 2015 Millionaire Lottery this Thursday

VANCOUVER, February 1, 2016 — The final prize draws for the 2015 Millionaire Lottery begin Thursday, February 4, 2016 from 11:30 am to 1 pm live on Global TV. Websites and social media will undoubtedly be busy with the tweets and comments from hopeful ticket holders in the widely played home lottery. Stay tuned to Global TV or follow our Twitter account @homelottery for our coverage of the draws. Our list of final prize winners in this year’s lottery will be updated throughout the day as the draws take place and winners are announced.

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2015 Millionaire Lottery Early Winners

VANCOUVER, BC, January 20, 2016 — The 2015 Millionaire Lottery recently completed the last of it’s early draws.  A total of four early draws were made; three “early bonus” draws on December 18, and the “Early Bird” on January 14.  Proceeds from the lottery support Vancouver General Hospital, UBC Hospital and GF Strong Rehab Centre. The early winners drawn to-date in the 2015 Millionaire Lottery are listed in the full article.

The Final Prize Draw takes place from 11 am to 1 pm, Thursday, February 4, 2016, at Global TV, for all remaining prizes with a value in excess of $1,000. The balance of the prize draws not completed at Global TV continue on Friday, February 5th, 2015, from 9 am to 6 pm.  A complete searchable winner’s database will be available on their lottery webpage on or before February 14, 2016, according to the lottery rules. A list of winners will also be published in The Province Newspaper on February 14, 2016.

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Final Sales Deadline is January 13th for the 2015 Millionaire Lottery

VANCOUVER, BC, January 5, 2016 — The lottery, which supports Vancouver General Hospital, UBC Hospital and GF Strong Rehab Centre, offers a Grand Prize worth over $3 million (maximum) — a choice between 7 options including packages with homes in either White Rock, South Surrey, Vancouver, North Vancouver, Burnaby or Osoyoos; or a $2.5 million cash option.

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Millionaire Lottery Early Bonus Draws Take Place Tomorrow

VANCOUVER, BC, December 17, 2015 — Did you buy a Millionaire Lottery ticket before the December 4 Christmas Bonus prize deadline? If so, keep your fingers crossed because the draws for all three early bonus prizes commence tomorrow (Friday) , December 18th, 2015 at 11:00 am VGH & UBC Hospital Foundation, 855 West 12th Avenue, Vancouver, BC. The Loyalty Cash-Travel prize will be drawn first, followed by the Fall Cash-Travel prize, followed by the Christmas Cash-Travel prize.

Read the full article for more details.

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Early Bird Deadline is December 24 for the 2015 Millionaire Lottery

VANCOUVER, BC, December 17, 2015 — This year’s Millionaire Lottery Early Bird prize is worth over $200,000, and the deadline to be eligible is fast approaching. The winner could be cruising in a 2016 Jaguar F-Type Cabriolet AND a 2016 Range Rover Sport SE, jetting off to paradise with 20 x $8,000 travel gift cards, or stuffing their wallet with $150,000 cash. For more details and direct links see the complete article.

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Christmas Bonus Deadline is December 4 for the 2015 Millionaire Lottery

VANCOUVER, BC, November 27, 2015 — The final deadline for the Christmas Bonus is midnight December 4. The winner will have a choice between three options – a 2016 BMW X1 xDrive 28i; or a $35,000 travel gift card to a destination of your choice plus $10,000; or choose $38,000. Winner will choose one prize option; other prize options will not be awarded.

For more details and direct link to the lottery website, see the complete article.

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