July 21,2018

The Princess Margaret Cancer Centre’s 2017 Fall Home Lottery is now underway!

TORONTO, ON, August 3, 2017 — The Princess Margaret Cancer Centre is back for another edition of its lottery with the The Princess Margaret Cancer Centre 2017 Fall Home Lottery. This Fall edition brings all of the things you know and love from the Princess Margaret Cancer Centre Home Lottery- houses, condos, trips, vehicles, and cash, cash, and more cash!

Topping off the prize list is the $5 million Grand Prize. The Oakville showhome is worth $4.25 million and is an outstanding home built by PCM and designed by Brian Gluckstein. Featuring 6,500 square feet of room for activities, this home features a beautiful backyard oasis with a 10′ by 27′ foot pool perfect to cool off and splash around in. The kicker? This Grand Prize comes with $1 million to do with as you please. That’s a million reasons to make your summer just that much better.

The Early Bird calls for a cottage in beautiful Muskoka on the shores of Loon Lake. Situated right on the water’s edge, you can enjoy said water in your 2018 Chaparral 21 H20 Boat and Trailer, looking back from the lake at your home and its natural landscaping. This home is three bedrooms, three bathrooms of 2,472 square feet of luxury living and comes fully furnished and decorated. Enjoy $25,000 cash to do with as your heart pleases.

Bonus Prize? Bonus Schmonus- look no further, the Best of Toronto Bonus Prize is more than just a bonus, it’s a whole condo (667 square feet of one) in the heart of downtown Toronto plus regular season and playoff tickets to the Maple Leafs, Raptors and TFC. That not being enough, it comes with $25,000 cash as well.

Not to be outdone, there is yet another cottage to be given away. The Lakefront Cottage in the Kawarthas is all 1,653 square feet of indulgence. Overlooking Pencil Lake, this cottage allows you to take a break from society and spend as much time up in this nature oasis as you please. Fully furnished, this home away from home features three bedrooms and two bathrooms. Plus, enjoy $25,000 cash to make your summer one to remember.

The second condo to give away is in the heart of the Entertainment District in Toronto. This condo at Bisha Hotel & Residences is approximately 620 square feet of fully furnished luxury living. Plus, enjoy $25,000 cash to do with as you please. 

There is also a 50/50 that promises a MINIMUM $1 Million payout to the winner, or half of the ticket sales revenue (whichever is greater). Finally, with the purchase of a Cash Calendar ticket, you will be eligible in 100 daily draws from December 22, 2017 to March 31, 2018 that will award $10,000 daily (and $20,000 on Fridays). There is also a chance to win 25 additional prizes of $5,000 if you order before Midnight, December 1.

For a full list of the rest of the prizes, please see our Princess Margaret Cancer Centre 2017 Fall Home Lottery reference page.

The very first ticket sales deadline is for the Loyalty Prize – 10 Apple Prize Pack Bundles – on midnight, September 1, 2017.

For ticket information, prize details, and for information on how to reach the official lottery website, please see the “Ticket Information” section of our Fall Princess Margaret Cancer Centre 2017 Home Lottery reference page. 

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