2016 HSC Millionaire Lottery Super Bonus draw and Early Bird deadline are on Thursday

WINNIPEG, MB, November 7, 2016 — When you heard about the awesome Super Bonus prize for the HSC Millionaire Lottery, did you grab your credit card and head over to the lottery website to buy your tickets? Was it before the October 20th deadline? If so, then your name may be drawn on Thursday as the Super Bonus Prize winner!

The prize is a package which includes four tickets to ten Jets games, plus your choice of a Masters Package, Costa Rican Spa trip, 2016 Ford Mustang, or $30,000 cash. Good luck!

The draw is on Thursday, November 10th at 10AM at the HSC Foundation Office at PW112-700 William Avenue. The winner’s name will be announced on our winners page (2016 HSC Millionaire Lottery Winners) as soon as it becomes available.

After the Super Bonus Draw, they’re kicking it up a notch with the Early Bird prize. The prize is worth over $150,000. It includes four tickets to ten Jets games, plus the choice between the following:

  • Vacations for Life River East Travel credit (valued at $155,707.19)
  • A PAIR of BMW’s – 2017 BMW 330i xDrive ($57,658) & 2017 BMW X3 28i xDrive ($59,808) PLUS $30,000 Cash
  • $125,000 Cash

The Early Bird deadline is at midnight on the same day as the Super Bonus Draw: Thursday, November 10th.

Tickets can be purchased quickly and easily with your credit card online at You can also purchase by phone or in person at a number of outlets. Single tickets are $100, or you can buy in packs of two, four, and eight for $175, $300, and $500, respectively.

Learn all you need to know about the prizes, important dates, and purchasing tickets on our reference page at 2016 HSC Millionaire Lottery.

For official details, visit

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