2017 BC Children’s Hospital Choices Lottery Absolute Final Deadline is Wednesday, April 12

VANCOUVER, BC, April 4, 2017 — Only days remain in the BC Children’s Hospital Choices Lottery, have you secured your place in the Grand Prize Draw yet? If you’ve purchased your ticket, then you could be holding the future keys to one of six life-changing property packages across the Province or the seventh Grand Prize option of $2.2 Million TAX FREE CASH! Tickets are over 94% 97% sold out, so don’t miss your chance to play!

Just take a look at these seven incredible Grand Prize options… whether it’s spending the summers by the lake in Peachland, embracing waterfront living in North Vancouver, False Creek, or Crescent Beach, living it up in a mansion on a golf course in Morgan Creek, retiring to a more quaint and peaceful home on Vancouver Island, or creating your own prize with $2.2 Million cash, this could be your ticket to a whole new style of living!

For another shot at some cash, you can also play the 50/50 and “Big Score Plus” Cash Calendar (see our reference page below for details on these two games).

But you have to hurry- the Final Ticket Sales, 50/50, and Cash Calendar deadlines are Midnight, Wednesday, April 12, 2017.

Choices Lottery tickets are sold in packs of three for $100 or grab six, nine, or 20 for an even better deal. 50/50 tickets are sold at two for $15, six for $30, or 16 for $60. Cash Calendar tickets are $20 each or grab 3 for $40.

Order tickets online, or you can call toll-free (888) 887-8771 to order by phone.

See reference information for the 2017 BC Children’s Hospital Choices Lottery.

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