2017 Hometown Heroes Lottery Heroes Welcome and Travel Bonus Winners Named

VANCOUVER, BC, June 22, 2017 —  Two early supporters of the 2017 Hometown Heroes Lottery walked away today with a big bonus. As the winner of the Heroes Welcome Bonus Prize (worth over $28,000), B Fullerton of Victoria, BC (Ticket #: 6310502) can choose to either take the trip of a lifetime, with the Rocky Mountaineer Rail Deluxe Goldleaf service for two plus $4,000 cash; OR nab a brand new 2017 Civic EX CVT Sedan Automatic; OR take the $21,000 cash option. No matter what they choose, they’re a winner either way!

The Travel Bonus Prize Winner (worth over $30,000), B Graham of Campbell River, BC (Ticket #: 6605387), can itch that travel bug bite with either the ultimate Europe trip and take the European River Cruise option plus $5,000 cash; OR they can opt in for 2 – $12,000 Vacations each with $2,000 Cash; OR take $23,000 Cash and create the ultimate vacation of their choice.

The next prize draw is the Home Improvement Bonus (worth over $35,000), happening Thursday, July 20, 2017 at 11:00 am. The winner will have to make the tough choice between a La-Z-Boy Package with design or Valley Direct Furniture with design; OR a $25,000 Midland Appliance package plus $5,000 Cash; OR take $25,000 cash.

The next ticket deadline is for the Early Bird Prize is Midnight on Thursday, June 29. Worth over $135,000, you’ll be the talk of the neighbourhood when you pull up in your brand new 2017 Tesla Model X 75D; or you can opt instead for 12 vacations worth $8,000 each with $2,000 cash; OR grab $105,000 cash and do whatever your heart desires with it.

Tickets purchased before the Early Bird Draw will also be entered into the Grand Prize/Final Draws in August. For another chance to win cash, you can order tickets to the 50/50 and the Daily Cash games.

Tickets in the Heroes Lottery are available for 3 for $75, 6 for $100, or 20 for $275. 50/50 tickets are 2 for $15, 6 for $30, or 20 for $60. Daily Cash Plus tickets are $20 each or 3 for $40.

Tickets can be ordered online, by mail/fax, in-person at the prize homes, London Drugs, or VGH Hospital, or by phone: 604-648-4376 or toll-free 1-866-597-4376.

For a reference list of prizes and details about the lottery including how to purchase tickets, check out our 2017 Hometown Heroes Lottery reference page.

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