Fall Bonus and Loyalty Draw Winners have been announced for the 2017 Millionaire Lottery

VANCOUVER, BC, December 19, 2017 — The 2017 Millionaire Lottery has announced its first two winners! Getting a head start on Christmas are the the Loyalty Bonus and Fall Bonus winners who were drawn on December 15.

First up is the winner of the Loyalty Bonus, which is S. Kumar from Mission with ticket #2117987. They will now have to make the tough decision between a set of shiny new wheels with the 2018 Honda HRV-LX 4WD prize option, OR a chance at a warm retreat away with the $25,000 vacation/travel gift card + $5,000 Cash option, OR the freedom to pick their own spoils with the $25,000 cash option. 

Being crowned the Fall Bonus winner is B. Houdayer from West Kelowna with ticket #2807213. A new chariot awaits them in the form of a 2018 Honda CRV-LX 4WD, OR they can take the $30,000 vacation/travel gift card + $5,000 Cash option and hop on a plane to wherever their heart desires, OR the $35,000 cash could be the best and most flexible option for them. 

The next deadline is for the Early Bird worth over $250,000. There will be TWO winners, each with a choice between a 2018 Tesla Model S 75D, OR Vacations for Life – $60,000 vacation/travel gift card + $60,000 Cash, OR Choose $100,000 Cash each! The deadline is Christmas Eve!

For more information about the lottery and how to purchase tickets, please visit the 2017 Millionaire Lottery reference page.

For both the Loyalty Bonus and Fall Bonus, the winner will choose one prize option; other prize options will not be awarded. 

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