Grab your Tickets before the 2017 BC Children’s Hospital Choices Lottery Spring Bonus Deadline on Friday

VANCOUVER, BC, March 6, 2017 — There are still two bonus chances to win in the 2017 BC Children’s Hospital Choices Lottery before the Grand Prize draw in May, and the prizes are definitely worth the haste! So why wait until the Grand Prize draw to go home a winner?

The Spring Bonus Draw is first, and the ticket sales deadline is Midnight on Friday, March 10, 2017. The prize (worth over $40,000) is the choice between a 2017 Honda Accord Hybrid Sedan, OR $30,000 Cash. So grab your ticket before Friday at Midnight for your chance to win in the Spring Bonus Draw, as well as the Early Bird draw in April.

The Early Bird prize is a big one, worth over $300,000! The Early Bird winner can opt for a lifetime of vacations, a waterfront condo in Osoyoos, OR a big chunk of cash to spend on whatever they please. Only one option will be awarded; other options will not be awarded.

As for the final draws, there are SEVEN multi-million-dollar Grand Prize prize package options, whose highlights include: $2.2 Million tax-free cash, gorgeous homes and condos around Greater Vancouver and Vancouver Island, vehicles, furniture credit, cash, and more! For another shot at some cash, you can also play the 50/50 and “Big Score Plus” Cash Calendar.

Choices Lottery tickets are sold in packs of three for $100, or grab six, nine, or 20 for an even better deal. 50/50 tickets are sold at two for $15, six for $30, or 16 for $60. Cash Calendar tickets are $20 each or grab 3 for $40.

Order tickets online, or you can call toll-free (888) 887-8771 to order by phone.

See reference information for the 2017 BC Children’s Hospital Choices Lottery.

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