Hurry! HSC Millionaire Lottery Over 80% Sold Out

WINNIPEG, Manitoba, Friday, October 8, 2021 – Get your 2021 HSC Millionaire Lottery tickets today to beat the Super Bonus Deadline and you’ll be entered in over 2,000 prize draws, including the Grand Prize Draw (worth over $1.55 million) and 26 Early Bird Draws (worth $220,000).

If you get your tickets for the Extra Cash PLUS, you’ll be in to win 124 draws – with $144,000 in cash prizes up for grabs. And, if you get your tickets for the 50/50 PLUS, you’ll be in to win half this fall’s biggest jackpot – which is already over $1,000,000!

Someone’s going to win… this year, it could be you.

Of course, with your ticket purchases, you’ll support life-saving initiatives at Health Sciences Centre (HSC).

It’s a Win-Win: You could become Manitoba’s next millionaire, and, with your support, you’ll help HSC provide the best possible care for patients, and make technological advances that turn dreams into reality.

The support the Foundation receives from lottery purchasers like you helps make life better for the patients and families who visit HSC every day – patients like the Gault Family.

Courtney and Will Gault delivered their second child – their daughter Taylor – on their bathroom floor on January 24, 2020, after waking up at 2 a.m. with severe cramping and rapid contractions.

“We were both in shock – there was so much blood,” recalled Will. “I was on the phone with a 9-1-1 operator until help arrived. We didn’t know if Taylor was breathing.”

The shock of Taylor’s unexpected delivery was enough for one night for Courtney and her husband, Will. Unfortunately, that unexpected night was the start of an endless day, which included Courtney being rushed to HSC in a siren-screeching ambulance where she was resuscitated twice and intubated.

Arriving at the hospital’s triage department, Will – who had been following the ambulance Courtney was in, and met his mother-in-law and his newborn daughter at HSC – was alerted that Courtney had lost a lot of blood – “she had severe hemorrhaging and they were trying to stabilize her,” he said.

“I was holding my two-hour old baby and life as I knew it flashed before my eyes.”

Although she also had to be treated for a blood clot, Courtney stabilized and was eventually released from the hospital. Their daughter Taylor is healthy and so is her mother – although Courtney remained on blood thinners for six months, and Taylor had jaundice for her first 36 hours.

“We are so thankful and blessed to be living in a city with top-notch health care and the best medical professionals,” said Will. “We were given the ultimate gift and can’t express enough gratitude.”

Their incredible story is one of many each year at Manitoba’s hospital, made possible by support the Foundation receives from the people in the province it serves – including Millionaire Lottery ticket buyers like you.

“Each lottery ticket purchase has the power to change multiple lives – the ticket buyer’s and people in need at HSC,” says Foundation President and Chief Executive Officer, Jonathon Lyon.

“Your support is an investment in a stronger health care system for Manitobans.”

We all need HSC, and HSC needs you.


Order online at HSC Millionaire Lottery

By Phone: 204-253-5688
Toll-Free: 1-855-999-5688

Tickets are available to purchase in-person at London Drugs at St. Vital Centre, Red River Co-op Food Stores in Grant Park, Southdale, and St. Vital, Main Street Co-op Pharmacy, and most Shoppers Drug Mart locations in Winnipeg, plus Shoppers Drug Mart in Selkirk and Portage la Prairie.

Tickets cost 1 for $100 / 2 for $175 / 4 for $300 / 8 for $500 (SOLD OUT)

  • 50/50 PLUS tickets are 2 for $20 / 8 for $40 / 30 for $60
  • Extra Cash PLUS tickets are 2 for $20 / 5 for $40 / 10 for $60

50/50 PLUS® and Extra Cash PLUS tickets can only be ordered with your 2021 HSC Millionaire Lottery main ticket(s) on the same transaction.

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