2016 Millionaire Lottery Early Bird Cutoff is this Saturday!

VANCOUVER, BC, December 19, 2016 — Scrambling with last minute Christmas shopping? Why not give the gift of lottery excitement, charitable spirit, and the chance to win one of seven Grand Prize options, all worth at least $2.7 Million! On second thought, perhaps you should pick up a few tickets for yourself too!

The Early Bird Prize Draw is an extra chance to win for anyone who buys their tickets before the deadline, which is midnight this Saturday, December 24 (Christmas Eve).

There will be FIVE Early Bird winners, and each will get the choice between a hot new set of wheels, or $35,000 cash. The car? A luxury 2017 Audi Q3 SUV Crossover that’s small and agile enough for city driving, but with a spacious 5-seat cabin and enough storage space for all of your adventures.

Tickets are available online, by phone (604-602-5848, toll free: 1-888-445-5825), by mail/fax, and in person. 

  • Main Lottery: $100 each; 2-Pack for $175; 3-Pack for $250; 8-Pack for $500.
  • 50/50 Plus: 2-Pack for $15; 6-Pack for $30; 16-Pack for $60
  • Daily Cash Plus Game: 1 for $20; 3-Pack for $40

For official lottery details visit

See reference page for additional information about the 2016 Millionaire Lottery

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