2016 Millionaire Lottery Fall Bonus Cutoff is next week!

VANCOUVER, BC, November 18, 2016— Nestled in the waters of the South Pacific are 100 islands known collectively as French Polynesia. Turquoise waters, white and black sand beaches, coral-fringed lagoons, and towering waterfalls are just some of the wonders that will await the Fall Bonus winner on their ten-day tour of these archipelagos, complete with 5-star luxury accommodation and $5,000 cash. Or, they can take the $28,000 cash, OR the Lay-Z-Boy in home design and furniture package! This is the second of four early prize draws, and the deadline is next Thursday, November 24 at Midnight.

Tickets are available online, by phone (604-602-5848, toll-free: 1-888-445-5825), by mail/fax, and in person. They are $100 each, 2 for $175, 3 for $250 and 8 for $500 for the Main Lottery, 2 for $15, 6 for $30, and 16 for $60 for the 50/50, and finally 1 for $20 and 3 for $50 for the Daily Cash Plus Game.

For official lottery details, visit

See reference page for additional information about the 2016 Millionaire Lottery.

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