October 22,2017

2018 Oil Barons Dream Home Lottery

Grand Prize Dream Home (worth $1.1 Million)

A beautiful home built by CherryWood Homes comes fully furnished thanks to The Final Touch Home & Decor and window covering by Gotcha Covered.

ADDRESS: 241 Diamondstone Ridge

SHOWHOME HOURS: Monday – Tuesday: closed, Wednesday – Thursday: 12-9, Friday: 12-7, Saturday – Sunday: 12-5

Second Prize

  • 2017 Colorado Z71 provided by Summit GMC Motor Products (valued at: $40,945.00)

Third Prize

  • 2018 Toyota CH-R provided by Noral Toyota (valued at: $28,704.00)

Fourth Prize

  • Polaris 2018 Pro Rmk 155 provided by Four Season Power Sports (valued at: $16,173.15)

Fifth Prize

  • Harley Davidson 2017 street XG750 provided by Voigt Harley Davidson (valued at: $12,183.34)

Early Bird #1

  • $5,000 travel voucher AND $5,000 cash

Early Bird #2:

  • $50,000 cash

* 1st Early Bird Draw and 2nd Early Bird Draw winning ticket numbers will be returned to draw barrel after each draw date

Cash 50% Bonus

The lucky winner will take home, at minimum, a payout of $136,500, or 50% of total ticket sales (whichever is greater).

The winner of the Cash 50% Bonus will be contacted by telephone and notified in writing by the Raffle Ticket Manager as to what they have won and where and how to claim their prize. The winner will be published on the official lottery website.

Important Dates

  • Early Bird #1 Deadline: December 10, 2017
  • Early Bird #1 Draw: December 29, 2017
  • Early Bird #2 Deadline: January 28, 2018
  • Early Bird #2 Draw: February 14, 2018
  • Main Draw and Cash 50% Deadline: February 18, 2018
  • Grand Prize and Cash 50% Draws: March 3, 2018

All draws will take place at the Casman Center at 110 Eymundson Road in Fort McMurray, AB. Draws will be accessible for public viewing at no cost.

Ticket and Website Information

Official Lottery Website:

Dream Home Lottery

  • $100 each
  • 3-pack for $250

Cash 50% Bonus

*Must be bought in conjunction with Dream Home Lottery tickets

  • 1 for $10
  • 5 for $25
  • 15 for $50

Where to buy tickets

In-person at:

  • The Final Touch and Home Decor
  • McMurray TV
  • Noral Toyota
  • Voigt Harley Davidson
  • Summit Motor Products
  • The Dream Home 
  • Casman Centre (during office hours and at all Oil Barons games)

By phone: 1-877-791-4496 or 791-4496

Online at


Ticket sales will support The Fort McMurray Oil Barons, an ice hockey team in the Alberta Junior Hockey League. The hockey club strives to foster passionate, dedicated, and team-oriented members, and to help those individuals achieve their career goals. You can learn more about the Oil Barons team history by clicking here:

Lottery Website

Gaming License Information

Dreamhome Lottery License: #467003   

Cash 50% Bonus License: #467004

Latest News about the Oil Baron’s Dream Home Lottery

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  • 2017 Oil Barons Dream Home Lottery Final Winners Announced February 22, 2017 FORT McMURRAY, AB, February 21, 2017 — A Dream Home, four vehicles, and $180,053 cash was awarded on Monday! Have you heard the results yet? We’ve got the winning names here and some congratulations are definitely in order for these six lucky Oil Barons supporters! See full article for details
  • 2017 Oil Barons Dream Home Lottery Cash 50% Bonus Draw and Final Draws are February 20th February 16, 2017 FORT McMURRAY, AB, February 16, 2017 — That Oil Barons Dream Home Lottery ticket could transform into a set of keys on Monday! There are four vehicles and a dream home to be awarded, plus the Cash 50% Bonus winner will take home at least $136,500 cash. The draws are open to the public, so ...
  • 2017 Oil Barons Dream Home Lottery Cash 50% Bonus and Final Draw deadlines are February 12 February 2, 2017 FORT MCMURRAY, AB, February 2, 2017 — The deadline for final ticket sales and the Cash 50% for the 2017 Oil Barons Dream Home Lottery is coming up soon, and you won’t want to miss out on a piece of the action! With a beautiful prize home at stake, and a minimum of $136,500 to ...
  • 2017 Oil Baron’s Dream Home Lottery Early Bird #2 Winner Named January 15, 2017 FORT McMURRAY, AB, January 15, 2017 — The Early Bird #2 winner now has $50,000 to play with. If you’re holding ticket #15992, then you’ve won! Tickets are still available for the Grand Prize $1.2 Million Dream Home, and the Cash 50% Bonus so there’s still plenty of opportunities to play and win in the ...
  • 2017 Oil Barons Dream Home Lottery Early Bird Draw #2 is this Saturday! January 11, 2017 FORT McMURRAY, AB, January 11, 2016 — Come out to the Casman Centre on Saturday to cheer on the Oil Barons. The game is at 8 pm, and you can also buy your lottery tickets at the rink if you haven’t already. If you purchased before January 8th then you could be going home $50,000 ...
  • 2017 Oil Barons Dream Home Lottery Early Bird #2 Deadline is January 8 January 2, 2017 FORT McMURRAY, AB, January 2, 2016 — The Oil Barons play their first home game of the year on Saturday. Round up the troops and go cheer on the boys as they take on the Kodiaks. It’s also the perfect chance to buy your Dream Home and Cash 50% Bonus tickets- they are on ...
  • 2017 Oil Barons Dream Home Lottery Early Bird Draw #1 is this Saturday November 7, 2016 FORT MCMURRAY, AB, November 7, 2016 — The Early Bird #1 draw is this Saturday. If you bought your tickets before October 30 then you could be vacation planning and splurging on yourself with $5,000 in travel vouchers and $5,000 cash! The second Early Bird deadline is January 8th, and the prize is ...
  • 2017 Oil Barons Dream Home Lottery Early Bird Draw #1 deadline is October 30th October 25, 2016 FORT McMURRAY, AB, October 25, 2016 — Halloween is just around the corner, but before that is the Early Bird #1 sales deadline! Buy before October 30 and you could win $10,000 in travel vouchers and cash- and still have the chance for the rest of the prizes! Tickets are available online, in ...
  • 2017 Oil Baron’s Dream Home Lottery Has Just Launched August 31, 2016 FORT MCMURRAY, AB, August 31, 2016 — The Oil Barons hockey club have fostered a tradition of passion, dedication, and teamwork in its players. They have a loyal, boisterous “MOB” of supporters on the ice, and are looking for their help off the ice too! Lottery sales will support the team, and will ...
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